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Sales Executive

Full Time

🚀 Responsibilities:

👉 Close The Deal: Leads will be assigned to you after being qualified from another team. Your primary responsibility is to follow up, build a relationship, and close these leads for payment.
👉 Pipeline Organization: You will be responsible for organizing your CRM pipeline, handling all tasks, follow-ups, taking detailed notes, etc.
👉 Build Relationships: Upsell and create lasting relationships with our customers and the brands we work with.
👉 Work cross-functionally within the company to communicate with all stakeholders in customers' success.

🎓 Qualifications:

✅3+ years of experience as a closer in high-ticket sales.
✅2+ years of experience in B2B sales.
✅Strong Wifi + Quiet workstation + High-quality video/audio.
✅ Back-up power generator / Back-up Internet.
✅ HIGH Proficiency in written and spoken English, Fluency strongly desired.
✅ Desire to proactively search for problems that can be solved and create solutions.
✅ Possesses a growth mindset, keen to learn and adapt in a rapidly evolving environment.
✅ Friendly & positive attitude.
✅ Exceptional organizational skills.
✅Familiarity with Notion, Pipedrive, Slack, Google Suite, and Asana is highly desirable.

Why Join Us?

⭐️ Mentorship: Direct mentorship under a CEO and Sales Manager who have built and sold multiple 7 and 8 figure businesses 🚀🚀🚀

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